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Multiple Diamond Search Images for RDI Diamonds

Written by Jason Adams

For customers who carry RDI diamonds, Punchmark’s Diamond Search now includes actual images of the diamonds, which can be very helpful for customers that need more visual trust to be established before making a diamond purchase. When making a diamond sales presentation in person, it’s much easier to communicate what an inclusion looks like if you hand the customer a loupe. Doing this on your website lets the customer make a stronger connection with a specific diamond, rather than simply looking at statistics and diagrams. For diamonds that have a lab report, the customer can also begin to understand the plotting of inclusions and how that affects the diamond’s appearance in either the top-view or side-view when available.

Being able to identify a diamond more clearly is something that can make the difference between a customer "just looking" and one that is more serious about giving you their business. For more information on Punchmark’s Diamond Search, please contact us any time at 704.910.4774.