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Point of Sale Synchronization

Integrate your website with the Edge, or other point-of-sale systems.

The Edge® Certified Partner

As the Edge Certified Partner, Punchmark can offer a unique turn-key solution for your inventory management, making it extremely easy to automate your physical and online business simultaneously. Since Punchmark is the Edge Certified Partner, your setup cost with Abbott & Shapiro is only $1,000 (just 50% of the $2,000 list price). There is also a Punchmark POS integration fee of $95 per month.

Integration Highlights

Data Updates

Synchronize your Point of Sale system with your website's catalog. You can exclude any product or category from uploading as well as reroute any Edge category into any category on your website.

Turn-Key Product

The Edge Integration gives you the complete freedom to operate your business as usual knowing that your website will consistently have up-to-date product images, stock levels, prices, and data.

Repair Status

Allow your jewelry repair customers to check the status of their repair job through your website. Responses are automated based the status infomation posted from your point of sale system.

Why Integrate?

Many jewelry retailers have trouble keeping up with new inventory, sold merchandise, the fluctuations in gold prices, and how all this is reflected on their websites. Some will put in a lot of effort in keeping their website inventory up to date, which takes a lot of time away from normal business operations. The alternative is to only show a few pieces on the website that are rarely updated, or just display an image gallery of products without descriptions or prices. If there are only a few products online, or your product images don't have all the necessary information, customers could easily assume that you don't have what they need. Automating your EDGE inventory will allow customers to see your actual inventory any time of day, helping them make the decision to visit your store or to purchase an item online.

How it Works

Every night, your inventory and images are exported and uploaded to your website. From there, a server-side script processes the data and adds new products that don't yet exist, updates products that have been changed, and removes those that have been sold, and you never have to worry about prices or stock levels. Your category map translates your Edge categories into your website categories in order to consolidate some of your products so that they are easier to find. You can even exclude specific categories or vendors from being posted and have control over your online inventory. Customers can browse your products by category or by vendor, and they can even check the status of their repairs.

Getting Started

If you would like to add POS Integration to your website, you can visit the Upgrades & Add-Ons page in SiteManager, start a chat on our website, contact us, or call us at 704.910.4774.

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