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Design for People

Everyone has a story,
let us help you tell yours.

Our Company


A coin begins as a piece of metal, worth simply its own weight. It is then punchmarked with a symbol, created to represent a specific value or set of principles. When marked with this symbol, that ordinary piece of metal transforms into a valuable and trusted form of currency. This story is parallel to the design of every great brand.


Punchmark has been providing branding, website design, graphic design & reliable hosting solutions to large and small business since inception in 2007. We're a team of creative professionals with a unique array of technological and creative skills giving us the ability to take any business from conception to production with a great rate of success.

Our Brand

Success is achieved when design is based on the needs of real people. Punchmark specializes in branding, interactive design and development. Our mission is to help companies find their unique voice within the marketplace, and inspire positive reactions by engaging the emotions of the people that matter most to their business.

Our Team

Ross Cockerham, Punchmark, Charlotte, North Carolina

Ross Cockerham

Co-Founder + CEO

Ross has many responsibilities at Punchmark, including Punchmark's day-to-day operations, managing the sales team, writing copy for Punchmark and its clients, and doing some development work. Ross is also an Accredited Jeweler Professional with the Gemological Institute of America, and has been working in the jewelry industry for over 20 years. This experience helps him play a vital role in being the liaison between Punchmark's clients and the design and development team.

Daniel Sirois, Punchmark, Charlotte, North Carolina

Daniel Sirois

Co-Founder + CPO

Daniel is the first and last set of eyes on every project that is produced by Punchmark, and head of our design team. In addition to creative work, he is also lead UI/UX designer and a contributing front-end developer of SiteManager. Daniel has been creating websites for nearly twenty years and has a BFA in Graphic Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Daniel's natural artistry and technological experience is one of those rare blends of form and function.

Bryan Cockerham, Punchmark, Charlotte, North Carolina

Bryan Cockerham

Partner + CTO

With over 9 years of experience working in NYC as Lead Developer and General Manager of a tech startup, Bryan's history includes building the technology behind a website that received up to 12 million unique hits per month, and software that was installed by over 17 million people. Bryan's technological experience has been an enormous asset to Punchmark's development and infrastructure, in addition to his abilities to lead a team of designers, web developers, and marketing professionals.

Joshua Camden, Punchmark, Charlotte, North Carolina

Joshua Camden

VP of Marketing

Joshua is a high-impact and creative marketing leader recognized for designing best-in-class marketing strategies and campaigns while capturing record-breaking increases in profits and productivity. Joshua is adept at expanding existing advertising foundations and leveraging next-generation marketing tools to execute innovative marketing/PR campaigns to deliver consistent ROI for next generation retailers across fashion, furniture, and home goods.

Jason Adams, Punchmark, Charlotte, North Carolina

Jason Adams

Project Manager

Jason manages the support team at Punchmark, and his service experience goes far above what you would expect from a team manager. Being a top-level customer service representative at Sprint, Jason's high degree of patience gives him the ability to listen intently to the needs of each client, and this is apparent in what is produced from his day-to-day interactions. Jason's ability to see a project through from start to finish has been an essential element of Punchmark's continued growth.

Thomas Cossuto, Punchmark, Charlotte, North Carolina

Thomas Cossuto

Sales Executive

Tom is someone who is never afraid to take on a new challenge, and he has exemplified this since day one working at Punchmark. With a background in multimedia communications, coaching baseball, and playing competitive sports all his life, Tom has always been a natural leader with great communication skills. This skillset has been extremely helpful in those complex projects with many team members that require a lot of attention, direction, and interaction.

Sarah Weekes, Punchmark, Charlotte, North Carolina

Sarah Weekes

Senior Designer

Enthusiasm and a love of design are both very important traits to consider when finding the ideal designer, and Sarah has them both in abundance! Sarah is originally from Rochester, NY and graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology. She finds herself petting every dog she sees, belting out Broadway tunes in the car, and buying chocolates and coffee based purely on the design of the packaging.

Michael Burpoe, Punchmark, Charlotte, North Carolina

Michael Burpoe

Web Designer

Mike is a recent graduate from the Rochester Institute of Technology and is also an outdoor and plant enthusiast. In his spare time you can find him running, practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or designing for his own startup, BUZZ Gear. He is detail-oriented and won't stop until his design is perfect! He's originally from Saranac Lake, way up in the Adirondack region of Northern New York.

Thomas Rhodes, Punchmark, Charlotte, North Carolina

Thomas Rhodes

Junior Developer

Tommy is a multifaceted developer hailing from Vancouver, WA. While studying math and computer science at Davidson College, Tommy developed a code to simulate dyslexia for a paper on disability while he also was the photographer for the college's Communications Department. He still has a deep love for photography today.

Thomas Rhodes, Punchmark, Charlotte, North Carolina

Joseph Krukowski

Tech Administrator

Joe is our resident technical support specialist, handling SiteManager and front-end questions, able to solve nearly any site problem. Local to Charlotte, he graduated at UNC Charlotte with a degree in Computer Science. Joe is a dedicated Red Sox fan, much to the chagrin of his coworkers.

Thomas Rhodes, Punchmark, Charlotte, North Carolina

Lindsey Craven

Marketing Specialist

An expert in digital marketing and SEO content strategy with a degree from UNC Charlotte, Lindsey works with the Marketing team to build AdWords campaigns and Landing Pages for SEO clients. Outside of work, Lindsey also loves rock-climbing and bouldering in her free time, and is a member of a local gym.