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Why Reviews Matter Again

Written by Bryan Cockerham

What if reviews could be the difference between a customer choosing you and a customer choosing your competition? What if a simple service could be the difference between your unsuccessful past attempts at getting reviews, and real, material numbers of them?

It's no secret that customers look at reviews. Reviews are so helpful that Google has placed Google+ and Facebook star ratings right on the search page next to your company's results. Yelp, starting with restaurants and bars, has made and led an entire industry out of reviews alone.

In jewelry, reviews are even more important. Having a bad meal doesn't come close to having a bad jewelry experience. If a jeweler can stand out among his or her local competition in reviews, he or she can thrive.

Podium is a service that makes it incredibly simple to gain new reviews. They turn what was once a kind, serendipitous act by few into a flood of "votes" that tell other customers you're the go-to store in your area.

"In a little less than a year with Podium we have grown to over 100 Google reviews! Podium is an easy addition for our staff during the checkout procedure. It takes all the guess work out of soliciting online reviews." - Nicki Saatchi, S.V.S. Fine Jewelry

Podium makes it easy for you, and more importantly easy for your customers. While waiting for you to finish ringing them up, customers agree to get an SMS to share their experience. With a tap or two on their mobile phone screens, they are brought to a page on Google+ or Facebook that shows a set of empty stars. Once they tap a star, your number of reviews goes up. Even if they don't leave a comment, you've just turned a sale into a "vote".

"Thanks for suggesting Podium to our team. This has been a great tool to already double our online google reviews."  - Andrew Bass, Connie & V. Cross Jewelers

Punchmark partnered with Podium this year, to help set clients apart from their competition. Reviews start to work before the customer gets to your website -- while they're making the decision on a Google results page.

If you have any questions about Podium, and specifically how our clients have used it successfully, make an appointment with Punchmark at our next show.