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New Dawn Diamonds by M. Geller

Written by Ross Cockerham

New Dawn Diamonds™ by M. Geller

New Dawn Diamonds™ is a lab-grown diamond that provides the same exceptional beauty and brilliance of a quality mined diamond...but at a more affordable price. With this New Dawn Diamond program, M. Geller is offering five solitaire programs for a 90 day test.

New Dawn Diamonds - lab grown diamonds by M. Geller

The New Dawn Diamonds™ program features:

  • 90 day solitaire memo program with no purchase obligation.
  • We will provide brochures and arrange training for your store.
  • Report sales weekly with net 30 day terms.
  • Reorders will be provided on memo until the 90 day test concludes.

For more information, contact Zach Grosser at 800.643.5537.