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Premium Homepage Slider

Add Punchmark's interactive Premium Homepage Slider to your website.

Give your homepage the attention it deserves by displaying animated Premium Slides on your website with interactive elements, videos, and more.

About the Premium Homepage Slider

The Premium Homepage Slider lets you add video elements, video backgrounds, product feeds, social network APIs, contact forms, and product search elements, right in the most visible area on your website.

Animation Made Simple

Each slide can be completely configured with much more than just images and text. You can now include video elements, video backgrounds, product feeds, social network APIs, contact forms, product search elements, and more—all of which can be animated and saved down as editable HTML. This allows you to communicate your message in the most eye-catching way, while having fantastic SEO on your homepage. And best of all: we put you in the driver's seat with the most complete visual editor available.

Interactive Elements

Your slides can have a number of layers, each of which can contain images, videos, buttons, text, and more. Every layer can appear on its own timing schedule so that there's no limit to the creativity of how you want to state your message.

Premium Marketing Access

In addition to creating banners using your own images and media, you will also have access to our Premium Marketing Library, which contains videos, images, and communication from your vendors, as well as those that Punchmark has designed for jewelry-related events, promotions, holidays, and more.

Getting Started

To add the Premium Homepage Slider to your website, there is a one-time setup fee of $950 (wavied for Premium Website clients), plus a $10 - $30 per month service fee depending on your subscription level. To get started, you can visit the Upgrades & Add-Ons page in SiteManager, or call us at 704.910.4774.