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Website Add-On Features

Expand the functionality of your website with Punchmark's innovative add-ons.

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Premium Homepage Slider

Make a powerful statement on your homepage by adding your own video elements, images, product feeds, social network APIs, contact forms, headers, copy, buttons, and custom animation, right on the most visible area on your website.

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premium homepage slider for jewelry websites homepage animations

Visual Slide Editor

Give your homepage that wow factor with a fullscreen animated slider. The most sophisticated slider editing system available with millions of design options and animation settings can help you communicate any message to your customers.

Each slide can be completely configured with much more than just images and text. You can now include video elements, video backgrounds, product feeds, social network APIs, contact forms, product search elements, and more–all of which can be animated and saved down as editable HTML. This allows you to communicate your message in the most eye-catching way, while having fantastic SEO on your homepage. And best of all: we put you in the driver's seat with the most complete visual editor available.

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Marketing Image Library

Access an immense library of marketing assets created by Punchmark, including vendor-supplied marketing to be used throughout your website.

Whether you're announcing an upcoming jewelry event, or featuring your top brands, we've got you covered with the marketing assets to bring your communication to life. Punchmark's designers are constantly rotating assets in our marketing library so that you have a wide variety of images, videos, and concepts at your fingertips. Adding them to a homepage slide or any one of your pages is incredibly easy with our advanced page editor and Premium Homepage Slider.

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Social Network Data Connections

Centralize all your social media by connecting your website to all your social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and more, which significantly helps your marketing strategy and overall efficiency of communication.

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Premium Vendor Products

Add products from the jewelry brands you carry with stunning photography, while including their up-to-date product information.

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Since your Premium Vendors keep your product catalog updated, you never have to worry about fluctuations in the prices of precious metals, or jewelry that may have been discontinued. Your products are featured using your preset markups and other options that you set once, completely automating your catalog.

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Premium Diamond Vendors

Display a searchable diamond inventory to your customers from multiple vendors with your own markups as if they're in your own vault. Subscribe to any of our Premium Diamond Vendors and activate this feature instantly without any work required except for setting markups.

Every diamond a customer searches for will show an array of details, such as carat weight, diamond shape, clarity, color, measurements, lab report images, table & depth percentage, fluorescence, and more. In addition to the collective inventory featured by your diamond suppliers, you can also upload your own diamond inventory using a spreadsheet, or tie in to rapnet's diamond network.

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Engagement Ring Designer

Your customers can build their own diamond engagement ring and match it with the perfect diamond which comes from your supplier of choice.

Customers can browse a variety of setting styles such as solitaire, halo, antique, pavé, channel-set, and more, while filtering results by metal type, diamond shape, or price, and then choosing their ring size and diamond quality. After choosing a setting, your customers are prompted to find a diamond that matches the shape and weight allowed for that mounting.

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edge website integration

Edge® Certified Partner

By connecting your Edge point-of-sale system to your website, you can present your physical inventory to the world with confidence, knowing that your items are in stock, and your prices are up-to-date.

Data Updates

Synchronize your Point of Sale system with your website's catalog. You can exclude any product or category from uploading as well as reroute any Edge category into any category on your website.

Turn-Key Product

The Edge Integration gives you the complete freedom to operate your business as usual knowing that your website will consistently have up-to-date product images, stock levels, prices, and data.

Repair Status

Allow your jewelry repair customers to check the status of their repair job through your website. Responses are automated based the status infomation posted from your point of sale system.

You can select whichever product categories, vendors, or pricing methods you'd like to feature on the website, and there are many tools and ways to manage your products to ensure that your online showcase is representing your store in the best light.

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Custom Jewelry Design Center

This advanced communication system lets you collaborate with your customers during the jewelry design process, which is laid out in a timeline format showing each milestone of the project. When a sketch or rendering is uploaded, you can specify whether or not it must be approved to continue. If payment is required, progress is halted until a payment is made. Once the piece is complete, you can request the final payment to be made before shipping, or you can simply have the customer come into the store to pick up their new piece of jewelry and make the final payment.

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Search Engine Optimization

Punchmark's SEO services can help your organic search engine ranking, generating more traffic to your website and increasing foot traffic to your store. With our initial website audits and our long-term monthly plans, our SEO experts will analyze your market and create a keyword-targeted content strategy that will maximize the potential of your website as it evolves.

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search engine optimization (SEO)

*SEO Services are not included in the Premium Website Bundle

chat live on your jewelry website live chat for jewelers

Live Chat

Customers are getting to a point where they expect a high level of service, with an immediate response time.

By catering to this demand, you are telling your customers that you are ready for their business, and nothing will get in your way. Many times, the only thing stopping a potential customer from buying a piece of jewelry is that one question they have that's unique to them, or whether something is truly in stock. Being there when they ask is critical in converting this customer to a sale, or keeping them as a customer for the future.

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