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Website Add-Ons

Expand the functionality of your website with Punchmark's innovative add-ons.

Premium Homepage Slider

Each slider can be completely configured with much more than just images and text. You can now include video elements, video backgrounds, product feeds, social network APIs, contact forms, product search elements, and more—all of which can be animated and saved down as editable HTML.

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Diamond Search

Your diamond search can include inventory from selected diamond suppliers, rapnet's diamond network, or even your own diamond inventory that you can upload through SiteManager using a spreadsheet.

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Engagement Ring Designer

Give your customers the ability to find the setting they're looking for, and match it with whatever diamond shapes are available for that specific setting.

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Custom Design Center

This system lets you communicate with your customers during the jewelry design process, which is laid out in a timeline format showing each milestone of the project. When a sketch or rendering is uploaded, it must be approved to continue. If payment is required, progress is halted until a payment is made. Once the piece is complete, you can request the final payment to be made before shipping, or you can simply have the customer come into the store to pick up their new piece of jewelry and make the final payment.

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Facebook Wall Feed

There are two ways to include your Facebook content into your website. One is through a standard iframe, which will show a piece of your wall directly on your website, and will be subject to Facebook's design system. The other way is a method we call Facebook Sync, which pulls your latest wall activity and displays it using your website's design system for seamless integration.

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YouTube Channel Feed

While it's easy to embed a YouTube video on one of your webpages using an HTML editor, it's even easier to have your entire YouTube channel integrated with your website without ever having to embed a single video. Each video uploaded to your YouTube account will automatically be displayed on your website using this feature.

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Pinterest, Instagram & Flickr

You can include images from each of these sources on individual pages on your website, simply by connecting your accounts. Our social network APIs can pull information from these sources in separate categories or by showing the entire feed.

Social Wall

Every time you add anything to any of the social networks that you have activated on your Punchmark website, it will automatically be displayed on your Social Media Wall among all other social network content. Images are displayed and resized fully responsively to create a consistent look for all your social media content. Note: you must have at least 2 or more social networks activated on your Punchmark website to activate this service.

Point of Sale Integration

If you're looking for a turn-key solution for your inventory, or you'd like to sell your jewelry products online, then the EDGE Product Integration system can make your life extremely easy.

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Online Reviews

If your customers are writing reviews about your business, we can incorporate these reviews into your website so that visitors can find all the resources they need without having to go anywhere else.

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Jewelry Education

You can educate your customers about the four Cs of diamonds, gemstones, birthstones, precious metals, jewelry care, jewelry glossary terms, and more. This section is tied in to your products and diamond search, (if installed) and helps your customers purchase from you more confidently.

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Meet the Staff

Introduce your sales team and everyone in your store to the world with the Meet our Staff section. Each staff member will have their own page with a photo and biography, with the ability to list their Facebook or LinkedIn profile, and their very own contact form. Having this section will allow your customers to identify with members of your team individually, personalizing their experience with your business.

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