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SEO Services Now Available for Punchmark Clients

Written by Ross Cockerham

SEO Services Now Available for Punchmark Clients

Punchmark's Initial SEO Audits and Monthly SEO Plans can help make your website more successful.

The demand has always been extremely high for good SEO (search engine optimization), and many of our clients have been asking when Punchmark would be providing these services. Our new SEO plans can help you rank higher in search engine organic results, creating more traffic for your website and your store, ultimately leading to more jewelry sales. With our initial website audits and our long-term monthly plans, our SEO experts will analyze your market and create a keyword-targeted content strategy that will maximize the potential of your website as it evolves.

What We Offer

Content Guidance: With our Advanced and Expert SEO plans, we will guide you on ways to create content, and come up with ideas to get external links published to your site, capturing "earned media" over "paid media" where possible. Our experts come from backgrounds of proven growth, not just SEO know-how. 

Site Review: Your site is constantly changing. We will perform timely checkups to determine whether new content is SEO friendly, as well as your site navigation, internal and external links, meta tags, alt tags, etc. Our higher level packages include customer analysis to see where to maximize revenue potential, and even an ongoing analysis of your brand and web-persona as seen by customers. 

Relevant Expertise: Benefit from the fact that we are a network of hundreds of businesses just like yours. We're experts in drawing out what makes you stand apart from the competition. Our specialization means that we bring the right tools to the job. Don't pay for a firm that specializes in fortune 500 clients just because it sounds good. In fact, when interviewing experts to fill this partnership role, we started at the top firms, only to learn that they couldn't perform you—especially not cost-effectively. 

All-in-one digital marketing: SEO is one piece. Can you benefit more from Yelp reviews or Youtube videos? More content creation, or more community involvement? A giveaway contest, or a trunk sale? We have lots of stuff to try, and it's all fun! We'll see what sticks, and apply resources there.


Our packages come in two pieces: an initial audit to help us to get to know all the details about your site, company, and content; and the monthly operations to perform the work that will increase visibility and traffic. Our Initial Audit service is available on its own, but the Monthly SEO Plans require an initial audit of at least the same level so that our work can be productive.

Monthly SEO Plans

The following three options are available as ongoing monthly SEO services, which will compliment our Initial Audits.

  • Simple SEO Plan: SEO only. Includes keyword analysis and performance tracking in all major search engines. Requires Initial Simple SEO AuditCost: $250

  • Advanced SEO Plan: SEO, All in one, research each month into placement in different listings (Yelp, and other various online directories), along with assistance in marketing campaign unification across channels and pay-per-click. Requires Initial Advanced SEO AuditCost: $750

  • Expert SEO Plan: Includes a competitor analysis, and a deep-dive into multichannel rankings on a monthly basis, along with an analysis of where money is being made and how to bring those customers. We provide tips for how to work multichannel, an ongoing analysis on how your brand is perceived online, pay-per-click help, content ideation (and, where possible, creation)—from on-website verbiage to planning of video content, and any other digital marketing that will perform for you. Requires Initial Expert SEO AuditCost: $1,500

SEO Initial Audits

The following three options are available as one-time services.

  • Simple SEO Audit: Our SEO marketing professionals look through website navigation, main content, links, and Google rankings and determine how we can increase SEO performance. Cost: $250

  • Advanced SEO Audit: Includes Simple SEO Audit, plus audit of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp, Youtube, and any other listing that could be driving traffic to your store. We may determine that SEO might not the best place to start, and help you find out where you could be gaining the most traffic. Cost: $750

  • Expert SEO Audit: Includes Simple and Advanced SEO Audits, plus competitor analysis, including a deep-dive on keywords, your brand, and overall web-persona. Our team analyzes and explores your paid-search strategy, and performs a revenue-to-click analysis to figure out how to bring the most dollars to your store by targeting your most profitable brands and categories. Includes content brainstorming for website, social, and third-party listings, as well as campaign ideas for lifting awareness, rankings, and traffic.Cost: $1,500


Finding the right SEO service can be a difficult process, and that's why it's important to educate yourself before making a decision. The following articles may provide some insight as to what SEO firms typically provide, and how to make sure you're getting the right service. 

• Forbes: “4 Tips for Hiring the Right SEO Firm” 
• Moz: “Why I Stopped Selling SEO Services and You Should, Too” 
• Google: “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” 

When Punchmark websites do well, the platform as a whole does well. When Punchmark clients do well, they want to put more resources into their websites. It is in both of our interests that these services are successful for you! 

All of our Initial Audits and Monthly SEO Plans include the use of the industry's best analysis tools, including some developed specifically for your site on the Punchmark platform.

If you have any questions about our SEO Services, or if you would like to sign up for a one-time audit or monthly service, please send us a message or make an appointment for our next upcoming show.