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LiveChat Now Available on your Website

Written by Daniel Sirois

We recently installed LiveChat on punchmark.com and in the back-end of SiteManager, and it immediately changed our business. Our clients are now able to ask us questions and get immediate responses. Our potential sales leads no longer sit there on the website "just looking" and then leave with their questions unanswered. 

You can have this same functionality on your website, and it's extremely easy to manage. You choose how many seats you want, and then your chat is available only when those people are logged in. You can even respond using the app on your phone and never miss a potential sale. When you're not logged in, customers can simply leave a message for you. 

The cost for this new feature is just a one-time installation fee of $250, plus $36 per seat per month. The setup includes styling to match your website and branding. If you would like to sign up for the new LiveChat feature, please contact Punchmark.